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Hi, I'm Uma Rudd Chia.
I believe there is innate good in everyone.
I believe that we all are born with a purpose.
I believe that we are called to live every day as if it were our last, shooting every arrow in our quiver far, trusting the wind of destiny to carry it where it is meant to go.
The Female Idea

When I was four...

I wanted to be a TV evangelist. I liked the idea of having my own smoke machine and throwing diamonds at the crowd. But more than that, I like the idea of using my God-given gifts to motivate, encourage and heal others.

Today, as a keynote speaker I am able to do just that.
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I believe the seat at the table isn’t reserved for a gender but the person who will rise up and claim it.
I believe in the goodness of a Master Design Thinker who created the universe.
I believe technology will save our children.
My keynote topics are built upon these beliefs.

Keynote Topics

Women Empowerment
How to hold your own as a female creative in a man's world
You are more than your job title
Raising new-world-ready kids in an archaic education system
Let there be Light
A heartfelt sharing on my two decades of experience in the creative industry in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and Hong Kong holding local, regional and global creative leadership positions.
We will be faced with an existential crisis where we loose our sense of value and worth because most people derive their purpose from their occupation.
From overcoming abject poverty when I was young, to having clinical ADHD to overcoming being sexually abused by a paedophile, life was a constant battle of pushing back the darkness and choosing to let the light shine brighter.
Having co-created my own worldclass phonics programme, READINGPANTS™ to help my kids learn to read and write in 3 months, I’ve learnt that you can’t wait for the schools to educate your kids.
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Woman empowerment education technologyWoman empowerment education technologyWoman empowerment education technology
Uma has a unique way of looking at things and engaging the crowd. You need to listen to how she weaves in stories that draw people to her.
Uma has an amazing ability to connect with audience and I felt lucky to have her on stage for General Assembly’s events. Her presentations about topics such as creative design trends or women empowerment were powerful and to the point.
Uma never fails to inspire with her drive and motivation, bounded by strong values to bring the best ideas to life through her keynotes and workshops. She takes charge with passion and continuously strives and delivers her best at every session.
Kenneth Kwan
Leadership & Motivational Speaker,
Author of Small Steps to Big Changes
Gabriela Zahoranska
Marketing Manager at General Assembly
Rizal Yatim
Experience designer, strategic thinker
and co-founder of Super Campus.

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