Uma travels the world to speak on topics that are close to her heart - purposeful & positive living; female ideas; creating a better world for our daughters and how to find your place as a female creative in a male-dominated field.

With over 60 keynotes under her belt, she has graced the stages of 9 countries and engaged over 100,000 people in her endeavour. With a high energy, inspiring style where she touches the hearts of her audience in an authentic and vulnerable way, Uma hopes to empower people all the world to live the lives they were meant to live.

She has spoken at Google Women’s Day Celebration, Facebook Girl’s Can Code Week, Super Campus Living Mindful Lives, Novartis APAC Leadership Conference, Global Leadership Forum, Global Awards Forums, General Assembly Design Thinking Week and more. Uma has also emceed and spoken on the panel of global events such as the Global Leadership Summit 2018 and the IPG International Women’s Day Celebration.

She has been interviewed in magazines, radio shows, CNA, podcasts and live social media broadcasts. A LinkedIn influencer, Uma blogs on future technology and her out of this world ideas to make the Earth better. She’s also a regular columnist on disruptive parenting in New Grace, a monthly magazine that goes out to over 3,000 people.

Inspiring Keynote Speaker Uma Rudd Chia
Uma has got an M.A. in Digital Media Management & Technology from Hyper Island. When she's not working, Uma's fielding existential questions from her cheeky daughter and philosophical son. She was part of two best-selling acapella albums. She recently authored two books - Hey Pastor! Your Church is Going Out of Business (available on Amazon Kindle) and Who Killed Death? (over 7,000 snagged within 6 months of publications in 5 countries).  
The Female Idea