Let there be Light

From overcoming abject poverty when I was young, to having clinical ADHD which seriously affected my interactions with people, to overcoming being sexually abused by a paedophile during my teenage years, life was a constant battle of pushing back the darkness and choosing to let the light shine brighter.

An interactive keynote session, this heartfelt, vulnerable sharing gives useful tips to people on how to overcome depression, negativity and challenges and allow the light to shine so you can become what you were made for. It’s perfect for companies, schools and associations wanting a keynote on holistic wellbeing of mind, soul and body for their staff, members and students.
Keynote on Overcoming fear and failure

Great ideas inside the box

In an ideal world, budgets, time and resources are unlimited. Unfortunately in most cases this kind of Utopia is far and scarce. But human beings can rise above their limitations to do great things, come up with great ideas and turn into high performers in the most adverse of circumstances with the right insight, inspiration, mindset and methods. This keynote touches on the power of the human spirit to do this.

Note: This keynote session is usually followed up by a 1 to 3-day workshop that helps people identify problems, learn techniques to brainstorm within the box and possibly walk away with some initial ideas to real challenges you, your business unit or brand is facing.

Holding your own as a female creative in a man's world

A heartfelt sharing on my two decades of experience in the creative industry in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia  and Hong Kong holding local, regional and global creative leadership positions. In this keynote, I share the secrets and motivations behind how I manoeuvred my way through c-suites that were mostly boys’ clubs to balance a career, family and my other passions of singing and writing books on 5-inch heels. It’s 10 things all women creatives should do to hold their own in a creative world where men have set the rules.

Note: This keynote session is usually followed up by a 1-day workshop that helps creative men and women, via true-to-life scenarios understand through practice how to respond and react while keeping their dignity intact.

You are more than your job title

Elon Musk says in the future, human jobs will be taken over by intelligent machines. But a loss of income won’t be humanity’s biggest problem. We will be faced with an existential crisis where we lose our sense of value and worth because most people derive their purpose from their occupation. This keynote helps you find your purpose in life beyond your occupation. It helps you discover all of who you are and how you can proudly, completely and boldly bring this to any table you take a seat at, in its fullness to influence the world you live in as you maintain your focal point and remember who you are and why you are here.
Keynote on Self Empowerment

The power of human transformation

We are more than our 5 human senses. We are beings with a spirit and soul, with intuition, intellect, emotions and will - things that science cannot quantify. But how do we tap into the power of our emotions and imagination to find the balance between what we see and what we don’t? There’s so much talk about business transformation within organisations. But if business transformation isn’t followed by human transformation, organisations can’t succeed. From tangible tips on visualisation to positive confession to vision making, learn how you can tap into two dimensions (the seen and unseen) to unleash your potential.
Keynote on Human Transformation

Raising new-world kids in an old school system

Having co-created my own worldclass phonics programme, READINGPANTS™ to help my kids learn to read and write in 3 months, I’ve learnt that you can’t wait for schools to educate your kids. You need to take matters into your own hands, and empower your kids to hack and disrupt the education system they are in to get the most out of it and succeed. This keynote imparts real steps to help your kids/ students discover their gifting from a young age, cultivate it and become their best selves irrespective of the environment they are in.
Keynote on the Education of the future

Digital innovation trends in healthcare

A look at what’s new and the role of voice and Artificial Intelligence in healthcare in the next five years. We’ll dive into how organisations in this sector can prepare for what’s to come and what are the areas brands can take advantage of to disrupt the industry they are in, with real life case study examples and open discussions and idea exchanges on what’s possible.
Keynote on Healthcare Technology

Going to Mars will make us better

Exploring the final frontier – is it a mere human fantasy and a waste of money or does mankind have a valid reason to want to go beyond our stratosphere? How would space travel eradicate poverty, racism, sexism and make humanity look beyond themselves? This is a topic of hope that reminds us how to be human, how to give our imagination free reign and do great things in our daily lives one day at a time before we even get to Mars.
Keynote on Future Technology